I’m glad I’ve helped someone today.

"You are the knife I turn inside myself; that is love. That, my dear, is love."
hihi it’s cute isn’t it tell me 😋
"I knew it wasn’t too important, but it made me sad anyway."
"It’s july 20,
a month from now
would be special,
you’ll age
another year,
and as time passes,
as more years would
be added to what you
im afraid that my existence
would be so small,
memories of me with you
would be a blur,
my face would be cropped
on each frame
and that my name
would no longer hold
any bearing,
a day will come
that you’ll forget everything
and so do I,
but darling
while we are still breathing-
I want you to remember
every single thing."

i like chocolates, i love them, chocolates don’t leave you, they are sweet and you get to enjoy every piece of it.

Just Another Atlantis


i have to admit there was a time when the idea of you and me

was equal to everything that is intangible.

there used to be a time when love was a city

and this city was surrounded by walls that stood sentinel all around,

with a golden gate to keep the likes of us out.

later in life, i realised…

Napanaginipan kita. Sana tulog na lang ako forever.

I can’t sleep.

let’s talk let’s talk let’s

I give up.

The storm made me think a lot of things, and that includes you. If you may, excuse my hideous penmanship( though I think it suits my mind and mood).

I. J and I, when it rains and power’s out,
would hold each other in his room,
under his blue striped blanket which
his mom made him wash each week,
two pillows between our legs,
and as we stare at the droplets
of water pasted against the glass
he’ll rub his thumb against the
back of my hand,
listening to each other’s heartbeat
in the dark where we stayed.


how long will it take for it
to come back,
or will the electricity running
from both of our clasped hands
would be enough for the city lights.
Dressed in his Star Trek shirt,
I leaned against his body
and let myself drown from his scent;
this is where I belong,
this is where I will hold on-
his warmth,
his skin,
the little bump on his nose,
his mouth and eye lashes.

II. J and I, on days that should be spent
running around the park like
the kids on our grade,
could be found under the tree,
the one on our backyard,
looking at our reflection
on each other’s eyes
and we’ll laugh at jokes
we found on streets,
on our friends’ silly stories,
eat ice cream just
as how we want it.

III. J and I, we are comfortable
with silence and on everything,
that others find awkward,
accustomed to each other’s sigh
or heave, or frown and smile,
and at night,
when everyone’s asleep,
our feet would be travelling;
silently trudging
the steps
to the place where we wanted to be,
up where
the stars
would be staring
back at us-
J and I, we are not star crossed lovers,
nor a couple strolling on a beach,
He was J,
and well I was, me.


Grabe, buti buhay pa ako.

I’m scared.